As a business owner, you’ve no doubt faced occasional challenges with supplies and deliveries.

Deliveries come, as every business owner knows, in all sizes and shapes. 

Loading dock levelers

Fortunately, most commercial spaces also come equipped with rear loading areas, many of which are elevated, allowing larger trucks to simply back up and drop their packages.

Some, of course, are not. And not all trucks are the same size and shape.

That just might be the primary reason you’ll want to think about installing a dock leveler.

A dock leveler is a piece of equipment that can adjust your dock exactly the right height and size for almost any delivery from almost any kind of truck.

There are several types of dock levelers, ranging from simple pieces that essentially work to provide different levels of ramps to stand alone mechanical lifters. There are also hydraulic lifters.

How do you know which will be best for you?  Our commercial dock experts at American Garage Door Co. Inc. can help with that! Our professionals know garages inside and out. (Heck, even your home garage has a dock – we usually call it a driveway, though.)

Deciding which type of dock leveler might work best for your business depends in part on the dock itself – and the kinds of deliveries you’re expecting to receive most often.

You’ll also want to consider the approximate weight your average loads might be, whether you have one loading space or more, and the amount of space you have to work with.

It’s a lot to consider.

Each loading dock comes with a unique set of challenges, ranging from varied load issues to site specific problems. 

But we’ve been doing this for years.  Our garage door professionals have developed strategies and techniques for all types of loading and loading dock issues.

We can work with you to find just the right dock leveler – whether it’s mechanical or hydraulic, top of dock or truck leveler. 

We know there’s an answer and a system that can help you be more effective, efficient and productive.  More than that: we know which can be most effective, efficient and cost-effective for your off-loading and loading challenges.

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