Life is full of ups and downs, and if you’d like to see your garage door through many multiples of each, you’re going to need to take care of it.

Wait.  What? You mean that garage door needs maintenance?

Yes.  But it also wants a little more than simple attention, most particularly in helping it with those ups and downs.

At American Garage Doors, we’re here to assist.

First, let’s tackle the obvious.  When you first met your garage doors, they were likely new.  Or, at least, new to you.

It’s likely that they’re working just fine at the moment, but it’s important to make certain they continue to do so.

This is not a difficult task, but you will need to be somewhat careful.

That’s because you’re going to need to know almost exactly where you will need to work to make a genuine difference in the way your garage doors operate.

How’s that?  Well, as it turns out, garage doors have multiples of multiples of moving parts – all of which need to be ready and willing to work with one another – and not against anything else.

Some of you like to do things yourself, and that’s fine. Keep reading to learn our expert tips on garage door maintenance. For the rest of you, if the idea of trying to find all the parts and spray them with lubricants feels you with apprehension, call us. One of our technicians will be right out to complete your annual maintenance call.

Here’s how you get started:  find or purchase one large can of silicone spray lubricant.  Be prepared to spray liberally and thoroughly – in other words, don’t be afraid to use a lot.

Start with the garage door rollers and find the hub.  Those get a big squirt – yes, right inside.

Now, find the end of the torsion bar near the cable drum.  You want to locate the ball bearing fitting that surrounds the torsion bar.  Spray each one.

(On double doors you might find this kind of bearing on the center bracket of the torsion bar – and you want to spray that, too.)

Now locate the pivot points on all of the end and center hinges and get those sprayed, too.

Do your doors have torsion springs?  You’ll want to spray their tops and let that lubricant flow right into the spring windings.

Finally, pay a little attention to your lock strikes and handles.  If you get those sprayed, you’ll have completed a thorough lubrication of just about every moving part that keeps the garage doors opening – and closing – smoothly.

Of course, if you have any questions or any difficulty in locating these springs and bearings, the professionals at American Garage Door are always ready to give advice or lend a hand.

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