Busy days make it easy to forget about the important aspects of being a homeowner. There are many benefits that come along with owning your own home, of course, but there are just as many responsibilities, and some of them might be surprising.

How often do you think about your garage door? At a minimum, you should be focused on its condition at least once a year. That might sound odd to some people, but while garage doors are often overlooked, they aren’t unimportant nor self-maintaining. Such a heavy, large entry point requires regular maintenance to remain safe and functional.

Why do I need to have my garage door inspected annually?

Think of your garage door as a shield of sorts between the elements and your belongings. Does it make sense to simply hope the shield is fine after heavy use? Much as you would with anything that protects your home and property, your garage door must be maintained to ensure it stays in good condition. This is vital for a few different reasons.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

Ignoring or failing to recognize small issues with your garage door can quickly lead to serious and costly consequences. Certain issues can be remedied before they turn into more complicated problems, including preventing wear and tear as well as making sure brackets, hinges, coil springs, and bearing plates are operating as they should.


Another reason to stick to yearly garage door maintenance visits is to make sure your garage door is working as it should be. This is important to avoid costly repairs, as mentioned above, but it has importance far beyond money alone.

A faulty garage door could be a dangerous garage door that leads to injury, be it to your loved ones or your property. Regular inspections help detect potential issues before they spiral out of control.

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