Garage Doors Need ServicingIf you’re an Arizona homeowner, you’re likely to know the kinds of maintenance needed to keep your home not only looking good, but also safe and sound.

You pay attention to the roof, the locks and windows.  You make certain the air conditioning; the hot water heater and your electronic systems are updated and in good working order.

But we’ll bet you expect your garage doors to go up and down smoothly and easily…. always.

If they’re not doing that, you may have been tempted by recent television advertising urging you to invest in some new equipment. And that may be a good idea, especially if you’ve been experiencing critical problems with your current garage doors.

However, despite the advertising, your answer may not be simply a new door opener. Before deciding to invest in new openers or new doors, you may want to thoroughly check your current equipment.

Your door should be properly oiled and adjusted for the best manual operation possible.  The better the door works by hand, the more sensitively other safety devices and openers can be set.

American Garage Door Co.’s experienced technicians can help with this.  We will oil all springs, adjust and inspect each door for worn or unsafe parts.

We also will inspect and test each spring.  These springs are under great tension; they can snap and cause injuries with little or no warning.  Homeowners should not attempt to perform tests on springs, unless there is an experienced technician available to oversee.

After an experienced technician determines the doors are safe for use, you may wish to add or update your garage door opener or other safety devices.

Many newly-designed door openers are equipped with a range of safety devices designed to improve your home security and peace of mind.  With each, however, correct installation and testing is essential.

There are good reasons for the additional emphasis on safety.  Further, injuries related to the installation of some of these devices could be avoided if each element were professionally installed and checked appropriately.

Our professional technicians can assist homeowners with both installation and on-the-ground testing to be certain each part is doing what it’s supposed to do in the way it should.

We’re also “in the know” about which popular devices will work best in the Phoenix region – and we also know the “ins and outs” of correct installation.

There are many new devices, new door styles and more.  Finding the right combination for you and your family is something we specialize in.

As a distributor of garage doors and related products since 1959, Phoenix-based American Garage Door Co., Inc. offers a broad selection of high-quality garage doors with the functionality, designs and accessories to complement your home. For more information contact us toll free at 866-541-3300, locally at 602-437-3300, or by email at

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