It’s Spring!

Garage Door Installation

 Time to think about river rafting, hikes on Piestawa Peak or in the Superstitions – and time for spring cleaning, inside and out!

 You probably know all about getting the house and air conditioning all set for summer. No doubt you’re also cleaning up the yard and pool.

 And what are you doing for your garage? It’s not enough to clean up the winter’s accumulation of debris and sweep the floor.

 Those garage doors that have been going up and down all winter need a little attention, too. Arizona’s heat can do all sorts of damage we barely notice for quite some time.

 That’s why smart homeowners take a little time in the spring (and a couple of times the rest of the year) to make certain that the equipment that helps make your garage doors open and shut easily is ready for the stresses summer can exert.

 Take care of springs 2-3 times per year

 Your door springs hold the key to efficient door function. These heavy-duty springs have a life expectancy of around 9,000 – 10,000 cycles. – one cycle is an open and close of your garage door. It’s crucial to door safety that they work well. When they become worn, the springs can snap, effectively stopping your door from working. The springs also can lose strength and resilience over time, requiring adjustment by a professional. Once they snap, a new spring is in order.

 Evaluate your springs on how well they are pulling up and closing the door. Then, take a good spray lubricant and thoroughly lubricate each spring. Ideally, you should do this 2-3 times a year. While doing the springs, go ahead and lubricate the hinges and rollers, too.

 If the springs aren’t working properly, do not attempt to do anything more than lubricate them. The springs carry enormous tension in them and can cause serious injury. Untrained individuals should not attempt to readjust or repair the springs. If not performed correctly, either repair or readjustment can result in unexpected injuries

 We highly advise calling a professional (we have a whole team here at American Garage Door Co., Inc.) and have the springs assessed if you find they are not working well, even after thoroughly lubricating them. They may need adjustments, other maintenance, or it may be time for replacements.

 Save yourself time and worry – and call us at American Garage Door for expert advice and installation.

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