While June is celebrated widely for the arrival of summer, it’s also observed as Garage Door Safety Month by the International Door Association and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association.

These two trade groups, noting that June is also National Safety Month in the United States, offer a variety of garage door safety and security tips on their websites. We’ve taken some of their tips, as well as those from our own experts here at American Garage Door Co. in Phoenix, and created these suggestions for you.

  • Inspect all moving parts. Examine the door, hinges, cables, pulleys, springs and rollers for any noticeable wear and tear. If anything looks deteriorated, contact a professional to replace or repair the damaged parts.
  • Carefully check your cables. These are the pieces that attach the door springs on the bottom brackets of the doors. If the cables are frayed or worn, they could be in danger of breaking.  Given the danger of a garage door falling, it’s best to hire professionals to repair or replace cables. The high-tension springs on garage doors also present a significant danger if not handled correctly.
  • Take a close look at springs. The springs keep your garage door in either the up position, or the down position. Springs will wear out over time, and besides sounding squeaky and screechy, they could be signaling a potential breaking point. Your first plan of action will be to use a spray-on lubricant on every inch of those springs. If they’re still a bit screechy or “sticky” you’ll want to take a good look at them – especially if your garage doors are a bit older.  In Arizona, garage door springs have a life span of between four and seven years. If your springs are on the older side, then it might be time to bring in a professional to have them replaced.
  • Test your garage door. Closely watch as your door goes up and down a few times. Listen for any straining sounds, any scraping, or any hesitancy in how the door moves on its cables.
  • Check for a safety cable on extension springs. If your garage door has extension springs, make certain to have a safety cable that runs through the springs and attaches to the wall or ceiling at each end. The safety cable can help keep a broken spring contained. 
  • Plan monthly inspections. Just like you need to check your fire alarm batteries, or your air conditioning filters each month, it is wise to also do a safety inspection each month of your garage door and its parts.
  • Carry your opener with you. Don’t leave your garage door opener in your vehicle because if it gets stolen, thieves could then have access to your home.
  • Keep opener remotes away from children. While children may be fascinated with the up and down motion of the garage door, they should not be allowed to open and close it nor play near the doors. There are multiple places for fingers and hands to get injured.

We hope these tips help you have an exceptionally safe Garage Door Safety Month.

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