American Garage Door Repairman Arizona

From” buyer beware to look before you leap”, you’ve heard the clichés many times. But they are still relevant, especially when you call for service for your garage door system.

If you hear a service person say something similar to “Your garage door opener is not powerful enough to lift this door,” Beware. Or if the service person tries to sell you new parts such as rollers, cables or any other items other than those in obvious need of replacement, beware.

Although some garage doors can be made from heavy materials, they most likely were installed with the proper system to handle the heavier weight. Springs are calculated and are wound to lift the weight of the door. If the door worked properly before you had to call for service, then the motor and opening system are perfectly adequate. The springs do the work opening or closing the door and if they are properly adjusted and oiled, new openers are seldom required.

Don’t fall for fake sales pitches. In most cases what your garage door needs is a good lube job, a spring adjustment, or reprogramming to get it working again – not a new opener or a lot of garage door parts.

Businesses can obtain testimonials from friends and others to make their company look good online with stellar reviews. Television and print ads are designed to make a business stand out, regardless of whether they and their employees are honest.

AGD, INC. – American Garage Door Co., Inc. – has been in business in Arizona since 1977. The one thing we pride ourselves on, above all else, is the integrity of our employees. We do not push extra parts or new doors or new openers at our customers, unless the parts are truly needed.

Our testimonials are true and are from actual customers. Our service crews are honest, and we stand behind what we do. Our roots in the door industry go back to 1959 in Wisconsin and the move to Arizona was to open a legitimate garage door company and serve the community. We have done that and you can trust us to continue serving you with integrity.

As a distributor of garage doors and related products since 1959, Phoenix-based American Garage Door Co., Inc. offers a broad selection of high-quality garage doors with the functionality, designs and accessories to complement your home. For more information contact our garage door experts to arrange a no-cost consultation at your home or business