Garage Door Maintenance

American Garage Door Co., Inc. has some suggestions.

If you think that a new garage door needs no maintenance you are wrong!

Although most manufacturers use rollers, bearing and other moving parts the require minimal lubrication, your garage door will work better and last longer if you lube the door at least three times a year.

 How is it done?

 A spray can of silicone spray lubricant will make all the difference in the world.

  1. Aim the spray directly into the hub of the garage door rollers and give each a liberal squirt.
  2. If you look on each end of the torsion bar near the cable drum will find a ball bearing fitting that surrounds the torsion bar. Spray each bearing liberally.
  3. On double car doors there may be this type of bearing attached to the center bracket of the torsion bar. Do the same to it.
  4. It is a good idea to lube the pivot points on all the end and center hinges.
  5. If your door has torsion springs it is wise to spray the top of the spring(s) and let the lubricant flow into the spring windings.
  6. Lock strikes and handles should also get the same attention.

Another good solution to maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener, if you live in the greater Phoenix, AZ area is to call American Garage Door Co., Inc.

Their phone number s 602-437-3300

Revised 10/3-/2014