Admit it: You take your garage door for granted. It opens and closes at the push of a button … until it doesn’t. Now you have an emergency on your hands.

Here at American Garage Door Co., Inc., we see these types of breakdowns every day and we’re here to help.

Dead Batteries

If your garage door stops working entirely, don’t panic quite yet. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing the batteries in the remote control. That solution can be surprisingly elusive in the heat of the moment when you’re fretting about potentially pricey repair bills, so it bears repeating: Try new batteries first.

Also, if the keypad for your door isn’t working either, don’t forget that these too run on batteries, often a 9-volt. Check this battery before hitting our number on your speed dial.

Broken Garage Door Belt/Chain

Broken garage door belts can lead to jerky operation when the door is raised or lowered. Over time, the door might not open or close at all. This is a lengthy repair job that is best left to professionals with in experience service and repairs. At American Garage Door Co., Inc., our team can help address and repair garage door emergencies as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Belts can wear out and stretch and pull apart in Arizona due to our hot summers. Chains, on the other hand, don’t break, but sometimes the bushings in the rear, or front idler sprockets can break.

Undiagnosed issues

Another common garage door emergency is when customers think their motor has broken. This is a very rare occurrence. Our team has seen only a handful of actual motor failures in more than 50 years of business. What usually happens is a logic board or a capacitor fails, so the motor doesn’t do its job. For an accurate diagnosis, hire a qualified garage door technician to examine the system.

Signs that there is an issue with some area of your garage door system include grinding sounds, smoke, or a total loss of functionality. If you checked the batteries and they’re fine, it could be one of many different parts that is not working properly and it’s best to have a technician to evaluate the problem because many repairs require disconnecting the power to your garage and a fair amount of physical labor.

We offer the most reliable garage door openers and a team of professional installers for worry-free repairs and replacement. So, unless you’re super handy with house projects, we recommend hiring a professional team to assist with this project.

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