190-110995 Allstar Classic Quik-Code Garage Door Remote


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  • Compact three button visor or keychain garage door remote
  • Compatible with all 318 Allstar, Allister, GTO, Heddolf and Pulsar Remotes
  • Replaces models: 931, 9931, 8832, 8833, 9921, 9921T, 8822, 9931TK, 8822TK, 8832TK, 9931MT, 9921MT, 8833OCS, P-219/1, P-219/2, P-220-1, P-220-2, P-220-3, RB741, RB742 and RB743
  • Homelink compatible
  • Compatible with Allstar MVP-R Receiver
  • When ordering, select the correct frequency (Check back of present remote or door operator)
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