GK-BX Intellicode Wireless Keypad


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GK Intellicode Wireless Keypad

This Digital Wireless Keypad Keyless Entry is for Genie Intellicode garage door openers and Overhead Door CodeDodger garage door openers. It has Rotating Codes and is a Genie original accessory keypad. This replaces the discontinued Genie keypad models GWKIC, GWKP, GWKP-BL, GK-R, 37332R, GWKPD-BL, 35660R. This wireless keypad operates up to 3 garage doors. Part number 37224R
Soft keys illuminate for convenience
Stores up to 10 PIN numbers
Flip cover may be painted
Easy battery access
Rotating Codes
Intellicode I & II compatible
Compatible with Overhead Door CodeDodger (rolling code)
Genie original accessory keypad
Operates up to 3 garage door openers
Allows for programming in temporary PIN codes for one time access
Uses auto-seek dual frequency technology to automatically transmit in both 315 and 390 MHz frequencies to minimize possible frequency interference due to other electronics in your garage or nearby government military bases (Intellicode 2 openers can operate on 315 or 390 MHz)
Dimensions: 2.5″ x 6.6″
Batteries: 2 AAA
Frequency: 315/390 Mhz
Part No: GK-BX, 37224R
Code Set: Rolling Code
Buttons: 10
Color: Cream
Manufacturer: Genie
Warranty: Mfg 1 year

Includes Battery And Mounting Screws


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