Marantec Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad 315mhz m13-631


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Marantec  M13-631 Keyless Entry

Works with all Marantec 315MHz units

This is the new updated wireless keyless entry system for Marantec garage door openers.

Updated and current part number is 158722.

Previous version of this keypad have part numbers – 104053, M13-631, M3-631, 89173 (Titan), 89173 WKES 315 N/L TitWkesan

Very attractive Marantec garage door opener keyless entry system.

Included in the box:
Keypad unit
Keypad lid
Keypad wall plate


Holds a 4 digit pin number that you choose.

This Wireless – Keyless entry system will control up to 3 different garage door openers.

Temporary pin is also incorporated so you can set the keypad to a one time use number for guests, repair personnel, delivery people and so on.

Weather resistant, designed to be install outside and stand up to the elements.

Cover slides up.

Garage Door keyless entries are one of those items that once you have one, you ask yourself why you did not do that years ago. Super convenient. Great when you go out for a walk or run, on your bike or even working out in the yard and you prefer to have the garage door closed. Good for the kids as well. Also, with the one time code option it is a great way to grant access to your garage or home on a one time use pin number.

Very easy to install and program, everything you need is included.



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