Customers often contact us asking about getting replacement remote openers for their garage doors. They fall out of vehicles, get misplaced, or stop working for a variety of reasons.

American Garage Door Co., Inc, nearly always can furnish a replacement transmitter that is compatible with your home’s garage-door opener. The key is matching the correct transmitter to the system installed. There are multiple brands and styles of garage door openers, such as Genie, LiftMaster, Allstar, or Napoleon/Lynx equipment.

We can also help you with determining what type of remote you need. Here are some tips on figuring out what you might need. First, look for the manufacturer and model information on the motor unit installed on your garage celling. Once you have that information, we can find the exact replacement you need by matching the brand and the model number. If you have an older model garage door opener, this is the best method because some of the older models are not compatible with newer universal remotes.

If you do have a newer model and you’ve misplaced or broken your remote opener, then a universal garage door remote control may meet your needs. Most brands of newer openers are compatible with the universal remotes. But first, we will still need the manufacturer’s information and the model information because even universal remotes need to be matched appropriately. With a universal remote, you get the bonus of being able to open or two gagrage doors with a single remote, and some of them also allow you to turn on and off the garage light from the controller.

At American Garage Doors, we carry parts and controls from all the major manufacturers of garage door openers, whether it’s an older or newer model. If an exact replacement is not available, we can furnish the correct universal remote that will adapt any opener to state-of-the-art remote controls. We will mail your replacement via priority mail (shipping is not included in the purchase price). Visit our website for details.

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