Many people associate winterizing property with low temperatures and abundant snowfall and ice, believing that warmer climates such as here in Arizona don’t require much concern during the cooler months at all. While it’s true that warmer states aren’t likely to see quite as many winter hazards, it is still important to properly prepare your garage for the winter season. Let’s look at how you can weatherize for winter in Arizona if you’re in the Phoenix area. (Yes, our brethren in northern Arizona, must get ready for cold and snow, but we’re focusing on the Valley of the Sun for this article.)

Weatherize Garage Door

Avoid Water Damage

Even without snow here in the Valley, water damage can be a serious issue to homeowners in Phoenix. It tends to rain more during the winter months, and even if you are conserving every last drop of water you can due to drought, chances are good you’d prefer to not find any inside your garage. To avoid water finding its way inside your home, consider weatherstripping around the entrances to your garage as well as ensuring that both door and molding fit snugly together.

Stop Drafts

When the weather turns cooler and windy, drafts are more apparent than during the summer months. This is a problem for a few different reasons. First, a drafty garage can lead to a colder home and increased energy bills that are easily preventable with a little effort.

Second, cracks and other openings in your garage door offer insects (as well as anything floating in the wind, such as dirt and dust) a direct route into the house. Few things are as unpleasant as discovering an insect infestation and there is no riskier time of the year than the cooler months. Utilize caulking, weatherstripping, or insulation kits to keep your garage secure.

Be warned, though, that the bottom astragal (weather seal) along the door is not watertight. Water can and will get into your garage if your garage floor slopes inward.

Are you interested in learning more about how best to weatherproof your home and garage for winter in Arizona? The team at American Garage Doors is happy to help! Give us a call today to talk about why a secure garage door is your best bet at keeping your home safe and warm this winter.

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