Why are there so many remote controls for garage door openers?

 American Garage Door Co., Inc. has the answer!

 A customer stopped in the showroom of American Garage Door Co., Inc. last week. He needed a remote control for the garage door opener in the condo complex of the unit he owns.

American Garage Door Co., Inc, was able to furnish the transmitter he was shopping for. While checking out and paying for his purchase he mentioned that his complex had 24 units and 24 garages. He told us the complex was about 15 years old and he had purchased it about a year ago. His concern was that not all the garage door openers and controls in his complex were the alike.

We asked him if the garage doors were motor operated when the units were new. He said he didn’t think so. We explained that most likely each condo owner, for convenience, purchased their garage door opener from different companies. He told us that some garages had Genie units installed on the doors, others had LiftMaster, some had Allstar while a few had Napolean/Lynx equipment.

He asked if we could supply parts and controls for each manufacturer. The answer was yes. American Garage Door Co., Inc. has a full selection of replacement radio controls for just about any garage door opener made. If an exact replacement is not available they can furnish universal controls that will adapt any opener to state of the art remote controls. The merchandise is sent out Priority Mail and shipping is included in the selling price. Find them at www.garagedoors or www.garagedoorsinphoenix.com

Check them out for you garage door opener needs. American Garage Door Co., Inc. is a good solution to your problem.

Revised 10/30/14