Why can’t I open my garage door from a block away?

So many people are confused about the distances you must be from your garage door or automatic gate for your remote to work. My neighbor complains that he can open his door from a great distance when he approaches his house from the east, but if he rolls down the street from the west he is almost in his driveway before he the door opens. After months of frustration he finally asked me, “What’s up with this?”
There are actually a number of reasons that prevent outgoing signals from your remote transmitter from reaching the receiver connected to the garage door opener. The FCC is responsible for regulating the frequency and power (FCC rule part 15) garage door transmitters are licensed to broadcast.

Attempting to point to a specific cause of interference is a difficult task. With all of the electronics that have become part of our daily lives the amount of interference is greatly increased. Don’t forget, computers, satellite dishes, fluorescent lights and even the composition of auto windshields can be sources of interference. Some auto manufacturers include tinting and rain-sensing material in their windshields which may also deflect or block the signal from transmitting.

Another factor to consider is the garage door itself. To be effective, the signal must pass through the door and/or the front of the garage. In some commercial applications it has become necessary to mount the antenna on the outside of the building and using a cable to connect the antenna to the receiver. This requires a receiver with an F type connector. Gate operators also utilize this type of connection to get the antenna outside the operator housing.
You might be aware that radio signals are absorbed by transformers and high tension wires but did you know that the location of the receiver can even be interrupted by the composition of building materials used in your home?

 From a safety standpoint it only makes good sense to never open or close your garage door when it is out of your view.

Regardless of what someone does to improve the range, there are instances when something can block the frequency from working at all. There have been several instances nationwide where military facilities using a new LMR system basically shuts down entire communities. When this occurs it may require you to switch the frequency of the receivers and transmitters.

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